Sunday, 21 September 2014

Email from mother, subject "Ward 4" (Stratheden Hospital IPCU)

"I am the mum who emailed you 4 days ago about my son.  I went in to see him yesterday at 3 pm and he couldn’t walk, stand or string 2 words together - I have never seen him like this.  I queried when he had last been medicated to be told ‘9 am’!  I was really worried at this point as surely some 6 hours later he should not be like this.  I asked for a doctor to be called out as I was so concerned and they did this and said someone would be in to look over him after 4 pm (when I would be gone).   I was told he had stumbled on a few occasions prior to me coming into the ward. I tried to sit with him for a while to no avail as he was totally out of it so I asked if he could go to his bed to rest and was informed that he couldn’t but he could lie on the couch - where he ususally has to sleep.  I think it is appalling that someone doesn’t even have the basic right to go to bed when medicated so much.

I also agree with one of your other comments re getting a drink of water as they need to ask for a door to be unlocked to do this.  I have even taken him up plastic bottles of water to be told he can’t have these.

Similarly with a cd player - he can’t have it.

My son doesn’t just have mental health problems, he also has 2 acquired brain injuries and Ward 4 is not just the correct environment for anyone let alone someone with his sensitivities. 

I feel there is absolutely no place for him to go for one minute peace and quiet (something which is not only a basic right but very much needed for someone with acquired brain injury) to get away for the manic environment.  Indeed, I go in for 2 hours visit and come out so stressed with the constant noise that I can’t imagine what it must be like 24/ 7 .

I came home on Friday to make phone calls to the Mental Welfare Commission, the Consultant on the ward, the service manager and the Care Inspectorate to voice my opinion that this environment is making my son more ill.

To answer your question re the seclusion room - YES it is still currently being used - my son has been in it on a few occasions during the past week!!!

I am now googling to see if there is somewhere else we can move him to as this place is just not conducive to him recovering in the near future.

A very distressed and worried mum.

PS Happy for you to post this on your blog."

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