Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lomond Ward internal redesign, my plan sent 17 October 2012 - no response

Here is the plan I devised for redesigning the inside of Lomond Ward, Stratheden, so that female patients could be separate from male patients in their sleeping areas, and keep some degree of privacy.

I also proposed more activity rooms for patients and areas for psychological therapies, WRAP, Peer Support and groupwork.

I sent the plan off to senior NHS Fife managers on 17 October 2012, here is the Email:

"I have attached a rough plan of proposed changes to Lomond Ward that will improve the female patient experience and make the ward safer for them.  And thereby have a positive impact on all patients.  I believe that if the female patients are looked after well then everyone will be better off.  I say this as a former Lomond patient, feeling very unsafe in the end dormitory overlooked by males in single rooms.  I also speak from the experience of a carer who has visited the ward on many occasions over a 17yr period, since 1995, when my oldest son was an inpatient.

I have also proposed changing other rooms, to make more space for patients and staff to interact with each other, building relationships and promoting recovery.  As a member of the new Fife patient safety group I wanted to make a positive, initial contribution.

Here are the main points:

  • that the female sleeping area be completely separate from the male bay - one of the single rooms here could be used for 'observation' of females
  • that the observation rooms could be male single rooms, the sitting room into another 2 male single rooms
  • that the staff room, used to be quiet room, should go back to being a patient area, quiet room, with books, magazines, crafts, computer, OT activities
  • that staff use the original rooms across from what were the observation rooms, these could be made into one room, where staff could ensure the privacy of female patients
  • the ECT rooms be made into one large sitting room/TV/music room
  • the group therapy room/meeting room for patient use rather than clinical meetings - for group work - WRAP, peer support, strengths/confidence building, psychological therapies
  • a meeting room could be in the OT kitchen which looks a similar size
The aim would be to make Lomond a more patient-centred ward and this could be done with the minimum of upheaval or cost.  Rather than the focus being on clinical meetings.  Making more space for patient interaction and group work.  A more safe sleeping environment for female patients.  All of this will encourage recovery and a return to wellbeing and to the community.  It's what I would have preferred when an inpatient in Lomond."  

I got no response.


  1. ... and what of the male patients' dignity? Aren't male patients entitled to privacy too?

    A rather sexist and predictable view!

    1. In the design I proposed the male patients would have their own space and privacy also. However I am more concerned about the female patients. I admit it.


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