Friday, 5 June 2015

only an excuse

The fact that NHS Fife will not work with me, or allow me to work with them, to improve services at Stratheden Hospital, saying they find it "difficult" to work with me is only an excuse.

I could work with them but it would require honesty, congruence and a facing up to the reality of the situation.  I would not be letting them away with anything less.  A bullying culture has to be challenged, dehumanising treatment does not benefit anyone.

But even if they won't work with me I will still be working for, and with, them, from a distance.  Bringing pressure to bear from the outside.  On the wing.

The pain I feel, at what happened to my son, I will endeavour to use constructively, channel it into writing and campaigning so as to influence positive change. 

And if my MSP, who is a human rights lawyer to trade, will not do the business of standing with us, advocating and speaking out for the human rights of detained mental patients and against psychiatric abuse, then I will have to do the job instead.

To this end I plan to stand at the next Scottish Parliamentary elections as an independent candidate.  Mounting a long campaign, starting after the summer vacation.  Writing a manifesto.  Engaging with the public.  Paying for the privilege. 

It won't be easy but it's a matter of principle and of justice. 

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