Sunday, 17 May 2015

Re the NHS Fife "Legislation Manager": I recommend a focus on the HUMAN RIGHTS of patients and monitored outcomes

Yesterday and on Wednesday evening, at the Public Information Sessions for the new build IPCU at Stratheden Hospital I came into contact with the NHS Fife "Legislation Manager" Dr Susan Anderson.  At one point she turned on her heel and walked off when I was speaking to her because she didn't agree with what I was saying.

The Legislation Manager claims that her "dynamic" post is "unique", there is none like it in any other NHS health board in Scotland.  She mentions managing a wide-ranging team covering health and Adult Protection, policies and procedures.  Her "key objectives" look impressive, the final tick point being:
  • Assist patients and their carers in the understanding of healthcare legislation: eg detention in hospital, confidentiality, data protection, diversity, equality, good relations and human rights
Here is a photo of her resume and raison d'être which was on display in the South View conference centre, Psychology building.  In duplicate:

Following the unreasonable treatment/human rights abuse perpetrated on my son in the Stratheden IPCU (unfit for purpose) and upheld Ombudsman complaint, I recommend that the NHS Fife Legislation Manager change her focus to the Human Rights of detained patients and their carers.

The Mental Health Act safeguards were not safe when my son was a psychiatric inpatient at Stratheden in Feb12.  The legislation wasn't working to protect the patients under the Act.  There has to be proper implementation and effective monitoring of the legislation in respect of staff practices within the psychiatric wards.

We knew our rights under the Act, the Principles contained within, but the staff did not respect either the legislation or us.  (see post lawless individuals)  There was a major gap between theory and practice.  The Adult Protection Investigation report, a multi-agency endeavour, in 2012, after I raised concerns in the February, tried to put the blame on me for causing "psychological harm".

Therefore I contend that there has to be monitoring of the outcomes to the objectives written on the Legislation Manager's resume.  Otherwise it's nothing more than a piece of paper and pie in the sky.  We need action not just words.

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