Sunday, 17 May 2015

music therapy in Lomond Ward, so I hear: but is it by a qualified Music Therapist or an OT who can play the guitar?

I was hearing on Wednesday night at the information session about the new build IPCU that there is a Music Therapist working in Lomond Ward.  I heard it from the Head Occupational Therapist, a woman I know well, who was standing by the board which had these posters on it:

However I am wondering if this is actual, proper Music Therapy by a qualified music therapist or is it by an OT who has musical abilities?  As in, can strum a few chords on the guitar or sing a few notes of a tune.  Like me.

Excuse my scepticism but I've got plenty of experience engaging with the OT department at Stratheden, since 2010 and before, whose leaders are not about "micromanagement" or group work.  In 2012 I could never find an OT anywhere except at clinical meetings in the IPCU or having lunch with their fellow colleagues, sequestered in a room in the Ceres Centre.  Out of the way of mental patients and carers.  Great job if you can get it.

I remember asking for feedback from the OT Head about the patient experience of their service and being told it was confidential or suchlike.  Lack of accountability and getting away with doing what they like.  Unanswerable to the public who pay their wages or to carers who have to pick up the pieces after unreasonable treatment.

But I may be wrong.  They might have changed their tune and started working in the wards at Stratheden Hospital with the patients, providing skilled, trained therapists in music and art.  If so I will update this post with any information, when I receive it and can confirm it. 

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