Thursday, 30 April 2015

Email strapline: "Stratheden IPCU May events for public - has a date been arranged? I haven't been informed"

Just sent another Email to Mary Porter, NHS Fife General Manager, copied in to various NHS Fife others and my MSP Roderick Campbell:

Strapline: Stratheden IPCU May events for public - has a date been arranged? I haven't been informed

"Dear Mary

I am writing again to ask if there are any events planned yet for the new build IPCU at Stratheden Hospital?  I've heard nothing.

You mentioned May for the public viewing and today is the last day of April.

I hope that you can enlighten me.

Regards, Chrys"

I am not confident of being included, based on past experiences of engaging with management over 5 years and more.  I can recall many meetings where I was patronised by both NHS Fife and Fife Council Social Work mental health managers.  When trying to be "meaningfully involved".

Prior to this I had been a community education and development worker since 1980, leading and facilitating, working alongside people in various community settings.  I wasn't used to being talked down to and treated like a bairn.  And so I resisted which resulted in exclusion.  Go to your room.

My father used to send me to my room when he thought I was being cheeky, primary school age.  He stopped doing it by the time I was a teenager and could look him in the eye.  Same height.  All grown up.  Level playing fields.


See post: 'Psychiatric care unit plan approved' Fife Herald 20 March 2015 - updated with @nhsfife response':


post 'Letter to NHS Fife General Manager about new build IPCU and bullying culture at Stratheden Hospital - Updated with response' 3 March 2015

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