Friday, 24 April 2015

damage limitation

This morning I've been thinking back to a fruitless meeting I had in December 2012 with two clinical nurse CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) managers, male leads at the Playfield Institute, Stratheden Hospital, who had been parachuted in to part time clinical management at the hospital.

This happened shortly after my son was a Stratheden IPCU patient in February 2012 and the locked seclusion room abuses came to light through my complaining.  One of the CAMHS nurse managers, who worked for years on a secondment with Scottish Government, is now the General Manager in Mental Health Services, NHS Fife.  Promotion.

The phrase "damage limitation" comes to mind.  Protecting staff and the NHS in Fife from the fallout of exposure.  From talking about what was going on behind closed doors.  Psychiatric abuse.

What I find annoying and hurtful is that the CAMHS men did not stand with a mother and her son.  [I knew one of them very well, had invited him and his female colleague to lead a workshop at United We Stand, see info below]  

We were left to get on with picking up the pieces.  Excluded from Fife patient safety meetings and any discussions about failures in duty of care and "unreasonable treatment".   Scapegoated.

Nothing to be proud of.  In my opinion.

Peer Support Fife bulletin November 2009

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