Saturday, 17 January 2015

hearing about improvements to Lomond Ward in a chance conversation with a psychiatrist last Thursday

I was at an event in Edinburgh on Thursday past, a CBT for Psychosis Workshop, and unexpectedly came upon an NHS Fife consultant psychiatrist who works in Stratheden Hospital.  He was telling me that there have been improvements to the inside of the Lomond Ward, both to the accommodation and to where the nurses are based.

I don't have a written document or an Email from an NHS Fife manager with any details however what he said to me was that he had been working with the Senior Charge Nurse in the ward to make things safer for patients.  That joinery work still had to be done.

I assume this means that the nurses are not still sitting in the large former patient smoking room with the door closed and a window overlooking the car park, writing notes and having meetings while the patients are left to their own devices.

I am also hoping this means that female patients will not be at risk of male patients entering their bedroom without their permission, unnoticed and unsupervised by staff.  Apart from this conversation on Thursday I have heard nothing confirmed in writing by NHS Fife managers at Stratheden.  Therefore you might conclude this is hearsay.

I had proposed a change of layout on 17 October 2012, sending it to the General Manager at the time, who is now retired, and here is the plan I came up with:

I am wondering if the changes that have happened are anything like my plan?  I am realistic.  I've been to NHS Fife health board meetings where they talk about statistics and targets but I've not heard anything about changing the inside of Lomond Ward so as to make things safer for female patients.

I'd need evidence.  Photos.  Testimonies from all the patients and carers.  Positive and negative.  A balanced reporting system that did not try and hide the facts or the truth of the matter.  I have learned to be sceptical of feedback which says all is well.  Experience has taught me this in relation to Stratheden Hospital.

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