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Email sent to NHS Fife Chief Executive Friday 10 October 2014

Here is a copy of an Email sent to NHS Fife Chief Executive on Friday 10 October 2014, with strapline:

"Fife Herald comment today by NHS Fife "a spokesman said a number of Ms Muirhead's claims were disputed""

[I am taking some "names" out of this Email, using "......" instead, but leaving in the names of those professionals and government ministers who have been copied in to this Email for information]


I am writing to you about the comment in today's Fife Herald, my local paper, regarding the piece on page 3 written by ..... 'NHS Apology is just the start':

"a spokesman said a number of Ms Muirhead's claims were disputed"  (bolding is mine)

I am wondering what claims you are referring to?  I hope that you can enlighten me.  It seems that yet again I may be on the receiving end of defensive behaviour from NHS Fife which can be perceived as bullying to a mother and carer.

Eg is it to do with the Adult Protection Investigation that I raised with Fife Council and NHS Fife whereby I was accused of psychological harm when my son was detained in the Stratheden IPCU, for at least 4 nights in the seclusion room for hours at a time, no toilet, no water to drink, light switch outside, broken hand, asthmatic?  I made an FOI request at the time, regarding observation sheets, and got no response.  This was by Email.

Or could it be the claim by me that I was not allowed to photograph my son's broken hand and bruising on Saturday 4 February 2012, and subsequently was intimidated by 5 nurses in the dining room of the IPCU at around 3pm?  I was sitting down at a table in the dining room while one nurse sat and 4 nurses stood.  They refused to let me see my son, told me he didn't want to see me.  So I went home and there was a message on my phone from my son wanting me to visit.  All of this I wrote in Email complaints at the time.  I can resend them if necessary.  Or post them to you.

Or could it be the fact that I raised a complaint about a male staff nurse behaving inappropriately towards me in the Lomond Ward on the morning of 1 February 2012.  The complaint was made, face-to-face with clinical manager ........, on 1 February 2012, at approximately 12.15pm.  My son alleges that this same nurse assaulted him on the chest later when I was out of the ward getting clothes for him from our house.  Which led to my son being face-down restrained on the floor of the Lomond Ward by 3 nurses at approx 2pm.  

I entered the ward just after 2pm on 1 February 2012 with Dr ....... (junior doctor on call dealing with the whole of Stratheden) who had come back into the ward, he said, to deal with a distressed female patient for whom the police had been called.  We both walked into Lomond Ward to find my son held face down on the floor.  He is asthmatic and has had 3 collapsed lungs.  I was put into a side room by a nurse (secluded) and was left there.  I had to phone the Mental Welfare Commission from this room to find out what was going on, spoke to ........  

And so on.  I was not informed of my son's hand injury on 1 February 2012, despite meeting at around 4pm with Dr ...... and ....... (clinical manager) in Lomond Ward, after I witnessed my son being taken in his bare feet and underpants by two porters up to the IPCU/Ward 4 in a minibus.  I stood out in the car park and saw my son's shame although he wasn't aware of it, having been drugged up with Midazolam.

I started writing Email complaints on Wednesday 1 February 2012, copied in to various other mental health personnel, not knowing at that point about his broken hand because no-one told me.  When I eventually realised the extent of my son's injuries and bruising, when I saw them with my own eyes at 6pm visiting time on Saturday 4 February 2012, I was horrified.  I got the ward doctor Dr ..... (from Borneo) to examine my son and told him I wanted an X-ray organised.  I then went to St Andrews Hospital on the Monday to witness my son's hand getting X-rayed and confirmed it was broken in a few places.  I saw the X-rays and so did my son.  It was horrifying.

But worse was to come.  I did not know the full extent of what had been going on in the ward until my son was discharged in April 2012.  My son had been abused, humiliated and quite frankly terrorised by NHS Fife psychiatric nursing staff.  And we have both had to deal with the flashbacks resulting from the abuse, the pain, the betrayal, the injustice and why?  Because my son experienced mental distress.  

I am copying in various people to this Email, including the Fife Herald reporter and my MSP Roderick Campbell.  The chief executive of the Mental Welfare Commission Colin McKay and Paul Gray, the Director General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHS Scotland.  Also Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health, and Michael Matheson MSP, Minister for Public Health.

It is now more than 2 and a half years since the dehumanising treatment happened to my son by NHS Fife staff behind the closed doors of the Stratheden IPCU.  It has taken all that time for my voice to be heard and listened to.  The Ombudsman has upheld my complaint regarding unreasonable treatment.  And still NHS Fife seem to be intent on laying the blame at my door rather than accept responsibility for what is unacceptable health care towards a vulnerable human being.

I look forward to hearing your response.  

Yours sincerely,


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