Saturday, 28 June 2014

'Stratheden Hospital nurse struck off after violent incident with patient' in The Courier 27 June 2014

Courier article, Friday 27 June 2014: Stratheden Hospital nurse struck off after violent incident with patient' by Fife reporter Claire Warrender'

"A Stratheden Hospital nurse who slammed a patient into a wall for saying he would punch him has been struck off."

"The panel was in no doubt that Mr Hogg’s behaviour on November 28 2012 was not acceptable.”
She added Hogg’s actions “effectively amounted to physical assault on a patient”.

In an email to the NMC on February 4 this year, Hogg, who chose not to attend the tribunal, claimed his actions were justified.

“I will deny any wrongdoing with regards to the alleged assault and will say that the technique I used were those taught by the local trainers in the management of violence and aggression,” he said."

“Mr Hogg has demonstrated no remorse or issued any sort of apology. He has consistently denied any wrongdoing and demonstrated a persistent lack of insight.”

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And a Fife Herald news article from Friday 27 June 2014 about same incident: 'Nurse is struck off for pushing patient up against a wall':

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