Saturday, 28 June 2014

'Stratheden Hospital nurse struck off after violent incident with patient' in The Courier 27 June 2014

Courier article, Friday 27 June 2014: Stratheden Hospital nurse struck off after violent incident with patient' by Fife reporter Claire Warrender'

"A Stratheden Hospital nurse who slammed a patient into a wall for saying he would punch him has been struck off."

"The panel was in no doubt that Mr Hogg’s behaviour on November 28 2012 was not acceptable.”
She added Hogg’s actions “effectively amounted to physical assault on a patient”.

In an email to the NMC on February 4 this year, Hogg, who chose not to attend the tribunal, claimed his actions were justified.

“I will deny any wrongdoing with regards to the alleged assault and will say that the technique I used were those taught by the local trainers in the management of violence and aggression,” he said."

“Mr Hogg has demonstrated no remorse or issued any sort of apology. He has consistently denied any wrongdoing and demonstrated a persistent lack of insight.”

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And a Fife Herald news article from Friday 27 June 2014 about same incident: 'Nurse is struck off for pushing patient up against a wall':

Sunday, 22 June 2014

NHS Fife finally admitting the truth about Carstairs State Hospital patients at Stratheden

"Former patients of the high-security state hospital at Carstairs are being accommodated at Stratheden Hospital near Cupar, NHS Fife bosses have admitted."

Fife Herald article on Fife Today 13 June 2014: 'Assurance given over Stratheden security':

photo from Courier
"Worried Springfield residents first raised the issue a year ago when they noticed mesh and electric fencing had been put up on a newly-opened ward designed for low-risk patients.

At that time, NHS Fife denied the measures were anything to do with accommodating overspill from Carstairs, but the fencing was standard procedure and the mesh designed to stop illicit substances being passed into the ward."

In May 2013 the Courier article 'Bid to calm fears on new unit at Stratheden Hospital' says:

"Assurances have been given that a new low-security unit opening on Monday at Stratheden Hospital near Cupar will not be used to accommodate patient overspill from the State Hospital at Carstairs"

and "Cupar councillor Karen Marjoram said she was reassured by the comments from NHS Fife."

What bothers me about this story isn't the fact that patients from the State Hospital are being rehabilitated at Stratheden Hospital but that NHS Fife haven't been open with the facts a year ago.  They should have told the whole story when first asked about it.  

I am not surprised to hear this but I am disappointed that yet again NHS Fife are found out to be economical with the truth.  Are we to believe their assurances that " ‘robust’ measures are in place to protect the public and other patients"?

I am not convinced.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

'Sexual boundary issues in psychiatric settings' Royal College of Psychiatrists London 2007

Email just sent to NHS Fife managers and psychiatric staff, copied to local politicians, government staff and the Mental Welfare Commission:

"Here is a link to a report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists London 2007 'Sexual boundary issues in psychiatric settings':
"This document is intended to foster awareness of various aspects of sexual boundary issues in psychiatric settings. It also provides guidance for psychiatrists, working in multidisciplinary teams and supported by managers, for dealing with these difficult issues. Nevertheless, locally created policies will be essential. While this report is specific to England and Wales, the principles apply also to other jurisdictions." p7

First recommendation on page 5 "Wards must have appropriate design and sufficient space to allow patients to be cared for in safety, privacy and a reasonable degree of comfort.". 

I contend that Lomond Ward, Stratheden, does not have an appropriate design and that female patients do not have the appropriate privacy and are not safe.  In both 2010 and 2012 I reported issues to do with female patients' privacy and safety.  The fact that nurses in that ward were not keeping an eye on vulnerable female patients, protecting them from risk of harm.  I was a patient in this ward in 2002 and was coerced to swallow the psychiatric drugs, being detained for 72hrs after entering the ward voluntarily. 

They put me in the end female dorm, a woman in an altered mind state and mentally distressed, forcibly drugged.  I woke up to find a young male patient coming out of the single room opposite.  A stranger.  No nurses about.  Being on the antipsychotic increased the risk as it took away my decision making abilities.  I knew I had to get out of the ward as quickly as possible and was discharged within the week. 

The young man who came out of the single room back in 2002 I still see going about Cupar, up the road to Stratheden Hospital, he's always on his own, now in his 30's.  I assume he lives in the vicinity of the hospital or is visiting someone.  Whenever I see him it reminds me of how I felt as a vulnerable female inpatient in Lomond Ward

I will be writing about this in my blogs and researching more information on the topic."