Monday, 17 June 2013

one-way system, refurbished benches and garden views

I drove back home tonight through the Stratheden Hospital grounds and stopped to take photos of the refurbished benches, new one-way system and the horticultural therapy gardens.  

The sun was shining, blue sky bonnie views, patients sitting on the benches in the alcoves of the speed calming measures.  They waved as I drove by.  

Across from Lomond Ward the fields stretched down into Cupar Muir and the college farm.  
While down the road a bit the old tennis courts fences have been removed, next to the old piggery which I've been told has plans being made for a new purpose.  Beyond this the playing field and Elmwood golf course.

I took a walk into the gardens on the west end of the estate, passing a patient and visitor on the way.  Rabbits grazed on faraway patches of grass while the sun sparkled through the trees and flowering bushes.

There's no doubt the country views and garden paths are pleasing to the eye and the improvements to the roads and one-way system make walking more pleasant, less risky.

Being an optimistic person I'm hoping for similar efforts inside the buildings:
  • Patient centred nursing practice and recovery focused care
  • Respect for carers and families
  • Regular ward community meetings
  • Therapeutic activities in the wards by Occupational and Physio staff
  • Group work and collective advocacy
  • Information available for patients and visitors
  • Patio areas with a variety of plants, kept tidy
  • Plans for volunteer involvement in wards
IPCU building in background
outside Lomond looking up towards main gate
back door of IPCU

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