Sunday, 16 December 2012

music while you work

I stopped by Stratheden today, Sunday, about 1.30pm, and had a chat with some of the folks (patients) who were waiting for the church service to start.  Suddenly there was loud music, sounded like a disco.  I went to explore, it was coming from a car stereo, door open and what looked like a worker, in full uniform, hoovering out their car. 

So I carried on into the hospital canteen, past the new sign for the clinical effectiveness team (mental health quality improvement), bought a can of fizzy.  Noticed a group of catering staff sitting at the tables, enjoying their lunch.  Came back out again, saw the worker backing out of the car, he did have a hoover in his hand.  I asked him to turn the music down as the sound was deafening.  We could hear it a few hundred yards away.  He did as I asked.

A great job if you can get it.  Music while you work and hoovering your car in the break.  No need to change your uniform.  It reminded me of the day hospital staff and the fish van.  I've worked in the voluntary sector, also for the council, in Fife and Perth, and at FE colleges.  And I don't remember it being like this.  Doing your shopping and hoovering your car on the job.  But then I've never worked for NHS Fife.


  1. Chrys hospital cars need hoovered they get used by so many people

  2. Sarah - it was the worker's own car he was hoovering, not a hospital car, and it was a member of the catering staff, Chrys


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