Friday, 7 December 2012

benches and bins, open doors and wintry weather

IPCU to the left, offices behind
There seems to now be only one bench left in the Stratheden grounds, outside the IPCU, ward 4, front door.  See photo taken recently of bench with paper cups left on it.  The other benches are being refurbished, so I've been told.  I've suggested bins beside all the benches, when they reappear, so that people are able to put any rubbish in the bin.

I also would like to see bins with metal bits for stubbing out cigarettes, for patients who live on the grounds and have to smoke within the grounds.  Of course it's different for staff who don't have to live in the hospital and can go home at the end of a shift or go outwith the grounds to smoke.  Remembering to bin their butts appropriately and not leave them lying around on pavements or outside the hospital gates.

note the ice on the ground
shop counter screen
Then there is the fire door always tied open in the Ceres Centre shop.  Now it's winter and to sit there with a cuppa or having a chat is very chilly, to say the least.  Although the shop assistants now have another screen up which will no doubt keep some of the heat in their bit.  So it's just the patients and visitors who will have to wrap up warmly.

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