Monday, 24 September 2012

disappearing butts and a job well done

Just a quick blog post to say that the cigarette butts are disappearing from the patio area to the back of the Ceres Centre shop.  I passed by yesterday on the way home from Cupar and was pleased to see that there had been a clean up of the area.  So well done to the grounds staff for working away on this!  It can't be easy picking them up from among the gravel, it's not like you can sweep them up.

However I did notice some new butts on the ground and empty coffee cups too.  A poster reminding folk to use the bins might be helpful.  I'll be discussing this and other environmental topics re Stratheden with a high heid yin later this week.  Suggestions from a community development approach that could revitalise the area.  

Photos are of the garden areas belonging to the Horticultural Therapy department and FACET (Fife Arts and Crafts Enterprise) to the west end of the hospital site. 

I'd like to see plants like this in other areas of the hospital grounds as they are a bonny sight and well worth a look.

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