Wednesday, 8 August 2012

therapeutic horticultural views

welcome to the Horticultural Therapy
At the far end of the hospital grounds, near the IPCU building are the Horticultural Therapy gardens and FACET project.  

The Horticultural Therapy department at Stratheden has been around for 25yrs, helping patients progress towards rehabilitation.

FACET (Fife Arts and Crafts Enterprise) is run by Fife Council and offers participants a range of horticultural skills and garden craft.

view over HT gardens
An oasis of green space where patients and others can potter, plant and experience the beauty of the landscape.

pond in the distance and greenhouse
I'm not sure that all visitors will be aware of these gardens.  I've always lived quite near the hospital, for the last 20 years or more, so have often walked through them, enjoying the plants, the view and the wildlife. 

Rabbits can be seen running around, no doubt a challenge to growing vegetables and other tasty plants.

I'd like to see the HT gardens replicated, in small pockets, throughout the hospital site.  With flower beds and patio tubs.  Shrubs and fruit trees.  Therapeutic views near wards and other buildings. 
hanging baskets looking up towards hospital

The Smokie hut, a good idea

FACET grounds

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