Friday, 3 August 2012

photos of patient spaces received

Thanks to Jim Leiper, Director of Estates, Facilities & Capital Services at NHS Fife, for Emailing me photos today of patient spaces at Stratheden Hospital.  

Not sure as yet of where they are, what wards or settings, so have asked for clarification.  I've uploaded a couple of photos then will put the rest on when I know.
I am informed that outside agencies have been helping with encouraging biodiversity at Stratheden, attracting wildlife, for the benefit of everyone using the paths throughout the hospital grounds.  Plans for refurbishment of all benches are ongoing.  Sweeping duties increased and improved recycling levels.

It's a "work in progress", according to Jim Leiper, and encouraging to hear of the commitment and determination of his Stratheden team to work on the necessary improvements.  With the input and support of clinical staff on site.
I look forward to seeing the results.

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