Thursday, 23 August 2012

dropping by today & the Recovering Eden project

I drove through the hospital grounds this afternoon to see how things were going and noticed some benches had been removed.  Assuming for refurbishment.  In front of the Lomond Ward and near the IPCU at the back of the grassy area.  The bench near the IPCU front door is still there and 2 women were sitting on it chatting.  They weren't in uniforms.

Checked out the patio area behind the Ceres Centre shop, no change there.  I'm hoping there's a plan afoot to improve this area.  It definitely needs it.  Patients were sitting chatting and smoking.  In the shop one of the long stay patients spoke to me, said his arm was better now, asked after my son.  Other patients said hello as I passed on the road back to my car.
old tennis court down from Lomond Ward

Recently I heard about the Recovering Eden project, a plan to develop a 'therapeutic space' at Stratheden Hospital for the whole community.  A recovery theme with 3 aspects:  
  • Recovery of self after illness and developing resilience using the outdoors environment
  • Recovery of the grounds (their restoration)
  • Recovery of the grounds as a more natural green space than is the case now (Eden)
And a quote from Graham Buchanan, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and Clinical Effectiveness (Mental Health), NHS Fife:

It’s great we still have this superb estate and that it is totally devoted to improving mental health and wellbeing. We are starting to take a second look at our Victorian inheritance and are rediscovering some of the ideas that our forbears had about how to improve our mental health. Common sense tells us that contact with the natural environment and making a contribution to someone or something beyond our own desires is good for us and research is starting to produce evidence to affirm this.

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