Saturday, 28 July 2012

photos taken 16 July 2012

First post on a new blog about Stratheden Hospital, near Cupar, Fife, and near where I live.  With the aim of detailing improvements to the grounds.  For the benefits of patients, carers, visitors and staff.

Here are photos taken in the grounds and at the gate of Stratheden Hospital on Monday 16 July 2012.  I'd taken similar photos back in March when visiting the hospital.

bench at gate near back door of IPCU (intensive psychiatric care unit) with cigarette butts below

dilapidated bench outside front of IPCU

back door of IPCU where visitors enter

recycling yard on way to restaurant

grit box filled with empty bottles and cans not far from IPCU front door

abandoned toilets at side of recycling yard not far from main gate

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