Saturday, 28 July 2012

newspaper article 19 July 2012

Courier article 19 July 2012
I sent the photos to the local press, was contacted by reporter Cheryl Peebles and this article appeared on 19 July in The Courier.  That very day I was contacted by NHS Fife Chief Executive John Wilson's secretary and invited to a meeting on Thursday 26 July. 

On Tuesday 24th, to prepare for the meeting, I walked round the hospital grounds and noticed that all the issues I had raised through photos had been addressed - cigarette butts cleaned up, a metal bin put beside the bench at the gate, old bench removed from grass at front of the IPCU (intensive psychiatric care unit), glass pane and bell on back door of IPCU, recycling yard tidied up.  This was encouraging.  I noticed other areas in need of attention and took note.

The meeting with Mr Wilson went well.  I felt that my concerns about the hospital grounds were taken seriously.  There was mention of improvements to the IPCU and of proposed environmental developments in the grounds.  I left the meeting very hopeful.

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