Tuesday, 31 July 2012

unofficial bench now back where it belongs

Just been into Cupar via Stratheden and noticed the 'unofficial' (smoking) bench missing from outside the hospital gates near the back door of the IPCU.  

I think it's now inside the grounds, on the grass under a tree, near the front door of the IPCU.  Or one like it.

Good stuff.

Monday, 30 July 2012

£50 fine for dropping cigarette butts

"Fines of £50 have been ordered on smokers who discard cigarette butts on the streets of Fife." from a 2006 BBC News article.  It goes on to say:

"For many smokers it has been the habit of a lifetime to discard their cigarette butts on the road or pavement without any thought of the consequences to the amenity of the local environment.  With the new bins and handy pocket ashtrays, people really shouldn't have an excuse for dropping cigarette ends. "
Maybe we are needing some environmental wardens to patrol the roads outside Stratheden Hospital?

smoking outside hospital gates by staff is allowed

I have received an Email from NHS Fife management about their smoking policy:
  • Smoking inside our buildings is illegal. 
  • Smoking in our grounds is not allowed, any staff breaching this will be dealt with under our Staff Conduct policies.
  • If staff wish to smoke they must do so in their break time and outside our grounds
Therefore smoking just outside the hospital gate is allowed.  In their staff uniform and in full view of patients, visitors, passers-by, in cars and buses.  I suppose it depends on the conscience of each nurse or member of staff as to whether they are OK with doing so.  And whether by their actions they are promoting smoking and encouraging patients to do so.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

'Land that time forgot!' article

'Land that time forgot!' is the article on the Fife Herald/Fife Today website, published today, with my photo of the recycling yard, quotes and a response from Jim Leiper, NHS Fife Director of Estates, Facilities and Capital Services.  

I had sent the photos to the press on 17 July, having had no response to my concerns and earlier photos sent on 22 March to NHS Fife management.  

It is encouraging to see that my concerns about Stratheden are now being listened to.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

more cigarette butts beside bench

Later on Thursday after meeting with the NHS Fife Chief Executive, I was driving by Stratheden, on my way home, and noticed more cigarette butts on the ground at the gate.  Beside the metal bin for butts. 

butts, bin and bench outside gate at back of IPCU
Yesterday, Friday, I had a meeting in the hospital, to discuss the environmental improvements to the grounds.  I took my camera with me to record the butts if they were still there. They were still there.  And so were 2 IPCU nurses, smoking, just outside the gate, one sitting on the bench, the other standing.  I took the photo of the butts beside the bin beside the bench.

newspaper article 19 July 2012

Courier article 19 July 2012
I sent the photos to the local press, was contacted by reporter Cheryl Peebles and this article appeared on 19 July in The Courier.  That very day I was contacted by NHS Fife Chief Executive John Wilson's secretary and invited to a meeting on Thursday 26 July. 

On Tuesday 24th, to prepare for the meeting, I walked round the hospital grounds and noticed that all the issues I had raised through photos had been addressed - cigarette butts cleaned up, a metal bin put beside the bench at the gate, old bench removed from grass at front of the IPCU (intensive psychiatric care unit), glass pane and bell on back door of IPCU, recycling yard tidied up.  This was encouraging.  I noticed other areas in need of attention and took note.

The meeting with Mr Wilson went well.  I felt that my concerns about the hospital grounds were taken seriously.  There was mention of improvements to the IPCU and of proposed environmental developments in the grounds.  I left the meeting very hopeful.

photos taken 16 July 2012

First post on a new blog about Stratheden Hospital, near Cupar, Fife, and near where I live.  With the aim of detailing improvements to the grounds.  For the benefits of patients, carers, visitors and staff.

Here are photos taken in the grounds and at the gate of Stratheden Hospital on Monday 16 July 2012.  I'd taken similar photos back in March when visiting the hospital.

bench at gate near back door of IPCU (intensive psychiatric care unit) with cigarette butts below

dilapidated bench outside front of IPCU

back door of IPCU where visitors enter

recycling yard on way to restaurant

grit box filled with empty bottles and cans not far from IPCU front door

abandoned toilets at side of recycling yard not far from main gate